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Video in motion
Allow your passengers to watch videos whilst driving! Please abide to UK drivng laws when operating a vehicle
Error Codes
Diagnosis and removal of error codes - get rid of those false errors! You usually get these after installing aftermarket lights.
Customise your startup logo! Change the intensity of your headlights! Change the appearance of your speedometer!
Auto-Folding Mirrors
If you have mirrors that fold with a button press, we can automate this when unlocking/locking your car (if you have folding mirrors)
Interior Lighting
Upgrade those dull yellow interior lights to brand new, super bright LED lights!
Subwoofer Installation
Enhance your audio experience with a subwoofer in your boot (installation only)
Lighting Configuration
Increase the brightness, adjust welcome lights or daytime running lights, and much more.
Daytime running lights
Front lights staying on when your car is running at night? Activate the option to toggle the welcome lights.
HID/LED Kit Installation
Super bright HID or LED headlights to give your car a new appearance.
Puddle Lights
Beautiful puddle lights which glow up the ground when you open your doors!
Sequential indicators
Want the dynamic look on the indicators?
Sports Display
Add a sports display option on the screen which shows torque and power.


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Coding your car can void your manufacturer’s warranty – we take no responsibility for any damage to your car either physically, eletronically, or any other way, as a result of modifying the default manufacturer coding. We can give you advice on what you can have done but we provide no warranty – you agree for us to do coding at your own risk. We are professionals and have experience, and coding has an almost 100% success rate. It is possible to revert almost anything that has been coded. You must make us aware of any existing eletronic error codes on your car prior to us coding – if you fail to tell us, there can be problems during the coding setup – if there are errors prior to us coding, we can diagnose them first to ensure our coding will be done as safely as possible.

All vehicle brands, logos and images are copyright and/or trademarks of their respective owners – images used are for illustration purposes only and we claim no ownership for using the images, nor do we intend to infringe any copyright.